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Best Tips to Prevent and Treat Uncomplicated Tissue Infections

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UTIs, or urinary tract infections (UTIs), are when you have an infection in one of the parts of your urinary system. Most people experience UTIs in their lower urinary systems. They are most common in the urethra. UTIs can be both annoying and unpleasant if they aren’t treated promptly. Here are LMA Healthcare’s top UTI prevention and treatment tips.

Before you rush to start taking preventative actions, you must take the time to understand the causes and symptoms associated with a UTI. Knowing the symptoms will enable you to seek medical care if preventative methods fail. An effective preventative measure can be made by knowing the causes.

How Can You Prevent A UTI?

UTIs can occur in a variety of people. Due to atomical differences and the higher incidence of UTIs in females, they are more likely to develop recurrent complications. However, some men can get urinary tract infections. You could take some preventative measures if there are any recurrent or high-risk factors. Here are the top ten tips to prevent UTIs.

Stay Hydrated

UTIs are preventable by drinking enough water. Hydration is key to preventing a UTI. Drink enough water to flush out your urinary tract and eliminate any bacteria. It would help if you hydrated with water and did not drink sugary sodas or sports drinks.

Eat Cranberries

There are conflicting data about whether cranberries prevent UTIs. It doesn’t hurt, though, to give it a shot. Cranberries can keep bacteria from sticking in the urinary tract, which may help prevent UTIs. Make sure to drink pure cranberry liquid, add whole cranberries to your meals, and consult your doctor about cranberry supplements.

Avoid Irritants

Bladder irritations can affect your urinary system, increasing the risk of getting a UTI. Frequent infections can be prevented by limiting alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods, acidic juices, and coffee intake.

Always clean from front to back

You can reduce your chance of developing a UTI if you are a female. The best way to do this is always to wipe from the front. Wiping backwards can cause an E.coli infection in your urethra.

Don’t Hold It in

You are more susceptible to infection if you continue to hold in your urine out of convenience or lack access to a toilet. Voiding your bladder flushes out your urethra and any harmful bacteria. Recurrent UTIs? You should try to urinate more often, even if the urge isn’t there.

Do Not Use Irritating Products

While it is important to maintain good hygiene habits, excessive use of products can sometimes cause more harm than good. This is especially true for feminine hygiene. Avoid perfumes and all products that contain fragrances. Also, avoid douches or deodorant sprays affecting your natural pH levels.

Rethink Birth Control

UTIs can be increased with diaphragms as well as spermicides. They are ineffective in preventing un-panned pregnancy but can increase your chances of getting a UTI. Use a water-based product instead. To learn more, talk to your doctor.

Take a Probiotic

In our GI systems, there are millions of tiny microorganisms. Some are dangerous, but many are good. Probiotics increase your gut bacteria’s health and promote good bacteria growth. Your doctor may recommend adding a supplement with probiotics to your daily routine.


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